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ParaDo;X*'s JR - ParaDoX - 10-09-2018

  • What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? 

     |.. My name is Mahmoud ,,age 15 ,,Egypt(Damnhour) ..|
  • What are the most significant moments of your MTA career? 
     |.. When i joined LnD clan i fellt that amazing and i will revenge from those people who hurt me and didn't accept me in their clan ..|
  • Have you been in any other clans?

      |.. Two# The wild ones (Left) [LnD]Legends never Die (Left) IE// Infernal Edge (merged) ..|

  • Why you want to be part of Die Kekse? 

      |.. Because i want to be as legend as others in kekz ..|
  • How would you be useful to us?

     |.. I am actually mapper but i didn't make maps for a long time and i can do it again with you ..|

RE: ParaDo;X*'s JR - Plato - 10-10-2018