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DD/DM Clan War Script Latest - Zayn - 12-19-2018

Fancy & Multi-Functional
Clan War Script by KekZ|#Zayn

* Modern GUI HUD Design.
* Two functional HUDs for specific choice.
* Minimize System. (Works only when round is live or speckill is enabled)
* Auto points system.
* Much more!

/stn or /tsn [teamid] [newname] - changes name of a team. e.g: "/stn or /tsn 1 T1"
/stc or /tsc [teamid] [colorcode] - changes color of a team. e.g: "/stc or /tsc 1 ff0000"
/ap [teamid] - add a point. example: "/ap 1"
/dp [teamid] - remove a point. example: "/ap 1"
/rp - reset points.
/sp [team] [value] - set points. example: "/sp 1 20"
/speckill - toggle autokill for spectators.
/specchat - toggle mainchat permission for spectators.
/st or /cst [hour] [minute] - sets time only on your screen. e.g: "/st 12 0"
/sw or /csw [id] - sets weather only on your screen. e.g: "/sw 0"
/training - toggle training mode.

Public Options: (If player in settled team for clan war)
live - set clanwar round status live.
free - set clanwar round status free.
stop - to pause the game.
go - to resume the game.

F3 - To toggle CW HUD displays.

Training Commands:
/sl - save location.
/ll or /tl - load location.
/rep or /fix - repair vehicle.
/god or /dmg - damageproof vehicle.
/res - respawn vechile.
/nos - get nitro.
/fly - makes vehicle fly.
/swim - makes vehicle swim.
/jump or lshift - to jump.

- Player should include (S) in nick for auto kill!
- Resource is manageable by Moderators, SuperModerators & Admins!