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Hall of Fame (Updated! 12 Dec, 2018)

[Image: fame.png]


Clan Founded in April 2010
Old Tag: [KekZ] New Tag: KekZ|
Used Color Codes: Officially #FF3300 & Unofficially #99FF99 #006300 #0055FF #123456
Total Players: 170


[Image: germany.png] Fynn (Leader, Owner, Creator)


[Image: germany.png] Luki (Leader, Creator)
[Image: germany.png] LG-Hero (Leader)
[Image: germany.png] Laui, Jonas (MTA: Analpatrouille) and Maxim (just active in GTA, not in MTA) (we found KekZ in a boring Spanish School lesson!)
[Image: sweden.png] 2FAST4U
[Image: germany.png] Marcel
[Image: israel.png] NikeSHox
[Image: germany.png] RaZor
[Image: germany.png] Haku (… he created the first KekZ Server)


[Image: germany.png] TeRRoR
[Image: unknown.png] Ice Claw
[Image: germany.png] Jizzy
[Image: romania.png] sEEk aka Dzeko# (DM)
[Image: germany.png] x3junkyx2 (DM)


[Image: israel.png] SlowCaR aka NikeSHox (DD)
[Image: germany.png] Towelie (DM)
[Image: germany.png] Evolution (DM)


[Image: pakistan.png] Zayn (DD)


[Image: germany.png] Analkekz
[Image: germany.png] Jack
[Image: germany.png] GhostRider
[Image: germany.png] Artiik
[Image: germany.png] Borussia22 aka ManU
[Image: austria.png] Straight
[Image: germany.png] JaY
[Image: germany.png] FaDi
[Image: germany.png] XsneakerX aka Sneaker
[Image: germany.png] RaceGod aka Styler
[Image: slovakia.png] Timic
[Image: germany.png] Cruiser
[Image: germany.png] Blackstar
[Image: germany.png] hallo
[Image: germany.png] Kim
[Image: germany.png] pseudokekz
[Image: israel.png] FastCar
[Image: germany.png] Dexo
[Image: germany.png] lollipop aka G0DLIKE
[Image: germany.png] Nico
[Image: germany.png] Beast
[Image: germany.png] TommY
[Image: germany.png] SnBoy
[Image: germany.png] Cryze aka Alph4
[Image: costa_rica.png] Miki
[Image: costa_rica.png] Joso
[Image: norway.png] Muffe
[Image: unknown.png] Misku aka Skyline~ aka Failure aka Biatchez aka Crydon
[Image: romania.png] @lex@ aka Alexinho
[Image: romania.png] @lexris@ aka Lexris
[Image: germany.png] tadti
[Image: germany.png] CriptoniiX
[Image: germany.png] Baqqer
[Image: germany.png] ViNnY
[Image: brazil.png] \/l@d
[Image: brazil.png] DJ|X5
[Image: chile.png] Rei


[Image: germany.png] DriftKing
[Image: germany.png] Jack
[Image: germany.png] SkyValker98 aka Valekick98 aka Christinel
[Image: unknown.png] Sascha
[Image: cZGNGS1.png] Vanillewilly
[Image: italy.png] RageDangerous
[Image: unknown.png] Jim-Beam
[Image: germany.png] Qu1zMe
[Image: germany.png] May
[Image: unknown.png] Oralkekz
[Image: unknown.png] Zero
[Image: russia.png] Loc_Dog
[Image: germany.png] desucked
[Image: unknown.png] Jump3r
[Image: unknown.png] Killerhunter
[Image: germany.png] Moinsen
[Image: germany.png] Bobby
[Image: unknown.png] Haze
[Image: germany.png] PulseDriver
[Image: unknown.png] Markus94
[Image: unknown.png] Chris
[Image: unknown.png] Euro2000
[Image: unknown.png] Feyen
[Image: ukraine.png] Made_In_USSR
[Image: russia.png] Stadti
[Image: germany.png] SaGo


[Image: egypt.png] ParaDoX
[Image: turkey.png] zColza!
[Image: turkey.png] DeathK!sS
[Image: france.png] Laks
[Image: turkey.png] Adem[kozmo]
[Image: ukraine.png] iToTsi
[Image: greece.png] Bomba
[Image: united_states.png] GrimZ
[Image: united_kingdom.png] Beci 
[Image: russia.png] qrest#
[Image: hungary.png] Attacker
[Image: russia.png] ChloeMoretz aka Furious553
[Image: hungary.png] Nekros
[Image: poland.png] OlseN aka broAwhiZ
[Image: bulgaria.png] Zarceprox
[Image: russia.png] OsO.cp
[Image: lithuania.png] Infern_0
[Image: russia.png] Nantonio 
[Image: poland.png] Power
[Image: poland.png] Sentro
[Image: turkey.png] RealFix
[Image: poland.png] Marlboro
[Image: netherlands.png] Waveride
[Image: poland.png] Hestrr
[Image: bulgaria.png] Vodkafairy
[Image: turkey.png] VICTOR
[Image: poland.png] Splush
[Image: egypt.png] AnarchY
[Image: bulgaria.png] Airplane 
[Image: bulgaria.png] Ravage aka 4x4Pow3R aka Germinater
[Image: turkey.png] Cambaz
[Image: greece.png] JIMTPS
[Image: turkey.png] NeFRet
[Image: lithuania.png] Euro aka Kestis
[Image: israel.png] JoinT
[Image: turkey.png] CpT.ConnoR
[Image: poland.png] Sueek
[Image: turkey.png] StejneBurg
[Image: pakistan.png] Mubeen
[Image: latvia.png] JaH
[Image: germany.png] Optimus aka Nvidia aka Alexus
[Image: slovenia.png] Swanky
[Image: lithuania.png] Fun3k
[Image: germany.png] I-Phone#
[Image: israel.png] LoYal
[Image: turkey.png] SkyBlue
[Image: lebanon.png] Blinker aka Evoken
[Image: norway.png] Hazard aka Vinspire aka chris
[Image: bulgaria.png] Cookie
[Image: turkey.png] Umut
[Image: germany.png] N!yxc aka iProX
[Image: bulgaria.png] Reebok
[Image: armenia.png] FranK
[Image: egypt.png] Skrillex aka Lion
[Image: dominican_republic.png] Pumas aka Russkaya
[Image: tunisia.png] CoBra
[Image: turkey.png] Chucky
[Image: turkey.png] Extreme
[Image: turkey.png] Gangster
[Image: turkey.png] ByBerkay
[Image: tunisia.png] WarG
[Image: germany.png] G-Pow3R
[Image: egypt.png] Kudo
[Image: brazil.png] Cineck
[Image: austria.png] NiKo
[Image: bulgaria.png] Maximus
[Image: turkey.png] JAME
[Image: serbia.png] DaKy
[Image: turkey.png] Netty
[Image: turkey.png] Ertugrul
[Image: turkey.png] Virtuaso
[Image: germany.png] Kurato
[Image: germany.png] iSekc
[Image: germany.png] Shokkz


[Image: germany.png] LamberJack
[Image: germany.png] Kex
[Image: germany.png] Tareon
[Image: germany.png] Marley
[Image: germany.png] Tobi
[Image: germany.png] Sany
[Image: germany.png] JrK
[Image: germany.png] LeJack
[Image: germany.png] OptimaL
[Image: germany.png] Ziiirax
[Image: germany.png] Quintus
[Image: germany.png] Spitfire
[Image: germany.png] Knalo
[Image: germany.png] iPwnage
[Image: andorra.png] vlad96

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