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About Mode - Stunt Battle DD

KekZ Gaming League - Stunt Battle Destruction Derby

Info about Mode:
Destruction Derby is the vehicle based game play where your driving skills count. We often find out the most amazing drivers in MTA but where it comes to DD the driving becomes more skillful. The control where you need to be best to be on road, jump around the maps and tactical moves to run. This mode is for the players who can let community to call them legends. Their will be no modification in this mode related to DD just the players need to show-off their skills to the public.

Mode Game-play:
In this event period two players will be selected to take part in it. Each player will be allowed to perform 2 stunts in a map where opponent will perform same as the player did. After that opponent turn comes to perform a stunt where player will have to carry out the stunt same as opponent did. In this way only 4 stunts will be available in each round.

Mode Maps Info:
In this mode only Cross DD maps will be allowed to play. Only 10 maps will be allowed to be played where each player can choose their 5 maps to play. In each map per person will be allowed to perform 2 stunts only. 

Stats Info:
As every mode got their own point counting system so for Stunt Battle DD we have managed the stats such a way that each player statistics will be recorded as following. 
  • Stunt Complete - Player completing their stunt will be awarded 1 point.
  • Winner - In the end of 10 Maps i-e 20 rounds the last man standing with highest points will be declared as winner and will be awarded 5 points.
  • Stunt Copy - Player copying the opponent stunt perfectly will be awarded 2 points. 
  • Fail Stunt - In case of failing player wont have any deduction in point where he will miss his chance to perform.
  • Points - Every stunt will award you 1 point and copying the opponent stunt will award you 2 points.
All stats will be saved only for the registered players only and will be shown on the tables on website.
Stunt Battle DD Table: Click HERE

INFO: You can read mode rules in the other thread. For any information you can contact the organizers on the given contacts in organizing staff.

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