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Anti Cheat script for DD

Anti-Cheat for DD


* Prevent laggers in game.
* Detects FPS/Ping of players if jumps.
* Script disable the controls of those player whose FPS drops or Ping increases during live round.
* Frapsers, Bandicamers etc who were using fps drop hits can now be easily detected.
* Any FPS drop or Ping jump during live round, will make player's control disable till the player fix it.
* Controls will only be enable when script detects player's FPS/Ping is Fixed.

* At the moment script Ping limit is 150 and Fps is 45, where it sees any jump of ping or drop of fps, it disables the player controls.
* If anyone want his own desire FPS/Ping limit in script, just write me on skype (zain.baig0079).
* Can also make script working only at one subject like FPS or Ping, so feel free to contact me for any affair.



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