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<NayroZ.>'s Join Request

Hello everyone, I want complete my MTA carrier with applying here.

What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: 

My name is Mehmet. I'm from Turkey/Kocaeli and I'm living in there. I am 18. My nickname is NayroZ.

What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: 

Well, I started to playing MTA in 2013. Since 2013, I always played 'DD'. Before I start, my cousin suggested me this game. I had no chance to install this game at these days because I hadn't a computer. After I bought a computer, I directly installed MTA and started playing with my cousin. After while we had friendship with players. Then, all of my friends are bored from MTA and some of them had to leave because of school or life. Anyway, they're all left now and they aren't playing this anymore. So I moved to Turkey-DD servers. There, I met with best players like Diamondprox, Mackrown; and clans like BoS, HW, Dr.  There, I and my friends are created [RB]. RB was the best clan after big clans(HW, Dr.). But the important thing is, we didn't close RB in a 2 week like other turk clans. You know that, turks always close their clans in few days.

But it wasn't all roses, unfortunately, they aren't playing anymore, too. So I moved to EU servers in order to improve my teamwork and skills. I also improved my English with talking in EU servers. I met with experinced players like Penta, Adam and Vaxe. I had friendship with them and we played in same teams; -sC-, SF. I learnt lots of things from them and I think I have enough skills to be in KekZ|. 

Have you been in any other clans?: 

I'll write about important ones.

[RB]: We managed it well and it was playing for championship in Turkey servers.

Dr. This clan is well known in Turkey and EU. Here, I improved my teamwork with Mackrown and RockStar. I didn't left Dr, after Dr closed I had to remove tag. You can find some videos in internet about Dr and in some of them there is my nick Eleven.

[NLB]: This team is created by old Dr-ers. After NLB is inactive, I left it.

[ReC] This team was very strong in 2017 Turkey servers. I played with Mackrown, its closed.

[SF] and -sC- I played with Adam and Penta here. These clans were best clans I have ever been in I think so. They are closed.

V1rus: Another regular clan in MTA. I left after V1rus lost their succesful players.

[GoD] Gladiators of Darkness:Member -left

[LnS] Land Saviors: Leader Closed :

What are your expectations in KekZ ?: 

KekZ is a active clan and they cares about DD. I have friends here, I'm thinking that I'll have fun in this team. As I say, I want to complete my carrier in this team. I'll stay here for a long time and maybe, it will be my last clan in MTA because game is losting players..

How would you be useful to us?: 

I can help this team to improve in DD. I have experience about DD clanwars and I'm playing for my team instead of myself. I'm loyal and not selfish. I'm mature and I have respect to team and players. I can understand that MTA is a game and I don't need to rage. I think I'll help this team about contact players.

Something more to add: 

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.
Team Votes - DECLINED!

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