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Neli's join request

What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?

My name is Mihnea, my nickname is Nelixrd, I'm 15.5 years old (but mature) and I am living in Italy but I am Romanian

What are the most significant moments of your MTA career?
My most significant part in my MTA career is when I began playing DD. First time I began with Romanian RolePlay servers, then a friend told me about 3R DD server and about DD gamemode. There I tried to improve my skills as much as I can. When the server closed I found 2 other servers called GoD and DDC. In DDC I met my actually best friend, BenCe. On these 2 servers were playing only skilled players and I couldn't make any win, I was a totally noob. When these 2 servers closed I found 3R general server (3R*DD*DM*Fun*Shooter), I joined on the server and BenCe told me about clanwars. First I played only fake clanwars with unskilled players to improve my skills to join a clan. After this I met ''goodlike'' a skilled DD player, and I joined my first clan |FHF| (he was the owner)

Have you been in any other clans?
Yes I was in:
|FHF| - FarmHouse Friends
[LV] - Lion Versus
3R - 3lite Racers DD and FDD
[HZ] - Hell Zone

Why you want to be part of Die Kekse?
I want to be part of the clan because I find the clan a clan witch fits me very much and I like very much and I wanna contribute in its ClanWars
I see the clan as a very serious one and It's not one of those clans witch closes very fast like you joined today and after 1 week you see the clan closed
I have the expectation from members to be active and that's all

How would you be useful to us?
I can be useful by helping in clanwars with my skills and I also can improve my skills by playing in this clan.

Something more to add:
I hope you enjoyed by reading my join request
Your next level is BULLSHIT

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