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#Speed's Join Request

  • What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? 
My name is #Speed, i'm 16 years old and i live in Egypt (Cairo).
  • What are the most significant moments of your MTA career? 
Once i started playing MTA, i went to playing on shooter servers at the first, and when i tried shooter it was pretty good, but then i wanted to start to play something else, so i went playing stuntage server and kept playing it day by day until i learned a lot and became pretty good. So i decided after that to go and try out DD, that was my favourite thing playing DD all day because it was fun joining clans and doing a good teamwork, doing pvp all of these was the best part but i left from all my clans and started taking things serious and i was trying to join 3R DD, i stayed playing there and proving myself for one month, until i became part of 3R DD, and it was long years ago like i think in 2015 or idk exactly to be honest. But then i left MTA for 1 year. After leaving MTA for some years i was thinking to go back to MTA, and to try to join 3R DD, but something happened which is i saw KekZ members are much skilled than 3R DD members so i decided to go back to KekZ, so here i am. Honestly i was KekZ but unfortunately no one from KekZ remembers me, and i hope i get back in KekZ, because it's the most DD clan (that's my opinion). So, yeah, i hope i get accepted.
  • Have you been in any other clans?
3lite Racers // DD
During my inactivity for 1 year i got kicked.

no Limit

Alfa Team On Machine
Left due to inactivity.

Red FoXes
Left due to inactivity

  • Why you want to be part of Die Kekse? 
Because as i can see, the members are friendly also they are skilled and i am looking for a clan that has a good/skilled/respectful/friendly members so that's why i chose it. Also they have good english and i get interested whenever i see a clans that has a good english with good members. On the other hand they are skilled a lot.
  • How would you be useful to us?
I would be useful for KekZ, in specific reasons:
1. I will follow the rules and won't break it.
2. I will never fight with anyone and will always chill people if they are fighting.
3. I won't be favouritism
 like muting someone or anything even if i hate him, i will be fair, and will treat everyone the same.
4. I will respect high/low ranked members, and i will teamwork with KekZ as much as i can.
5.I will warn anyone if he disrespect me or anyone else, and the next one gonna be a mute.
6. Also i will help the people, i speak Arabic and English, and there's a lot of Arabians in the server so if they don't understand something i could make it more clear for them by telling them it in Arabic.
7. Also i am good at DD, i lost half of my skills when i left MTA 1 year, but i am still good, and i am getting better day by day.
  • Something more to add:
 Hi, my real name is Khaled. I am 16 years old, I live in Egypt with my family. I love playing football, i am fan of Barcelona and Messi is my favourite football player. On the other hand i train football on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Also i play MTA since 2010. My favourite food is Pizza, Burger and Buffalo Wings. I use to have PS4 few days ago and i play on it fortnite, fifa 18, BO3 and some battlefield 4 but sadly i broke it, but going to get another one soon. On school days im not that active but i get in 3-4 hours per day. But on summer i am super active, always online.


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