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[MTA:SA] FPS Lag Fix Guide


I've noticed that the number of FPS lagers have increased, so I've decided to post a bunch of Tools and replacement files to increase the individual frame rate, they are completely safe and already scanned, so don't hesitate on downloading them, as for the links, these website don't have any kind of cheating programs nor hacking tools, or proxy or so ... if you spot any kind of broken link, send me a PM or just simply reply here.

What's FPS (Frame per second) or frame rates.

Frame rates in video games refer to the speed at which the image is refreshed (typically in frames per second, or FPS). Many underlying processes, such as collision detection and network processing, run at different or inconsistent frequencies or in different physical components of a computer. FPS affect the experience in two ways: low FPS does not give the illusion of motion effectively and affects the user's capacity to interact with the game, while FPS that vary substantially from one second to the next depending on computational load produce uneven, “choppy” movement or animation. Many games lock their frame rate at lower but more sustainable levels to give consistently smooth motion.

I) GTA San Andreas - EffectsPC.txd
Download File: HERE
Go and copy file then paste it in GTASA:Models, then go to GTA or MTA.. and play, you will find Stuntplane's smoke, vehicle's smoke and rocket's smoke of hydra.

II) GTA San Andreas - tree_hipoly19
The second thing is a tree.. but very lagging tree. it is an object called " tree_hipoly19 "
Download File: HERE
Download the program that allows you to open .img files: HERE

III) FPS limit adjuster
The third thing is called FPS Limit Adjuster.
Download File: HERE
Open gta sa, then open the file and set the value in the box to 105 click okay, then you can close it, do this every time you run your game.

IV) FPS increaser
Fourth thing is called fps increaser.
Download File: HERE
Open gta sa, then open the file, make sure the value is set to 0 to get the best fps. Leave the window open too, closing it will restore your fps, do this every time you run your game.

V) GTA San Andreas - Shrinker
Fifth thing is called gta sa shrinker, this makes your textures and skin quality's low, and makes them look kinda bad, but if you want more fps download it.
Download File: HERE
Don't worry, it has an auto-backup button assigned to the program, so if you don't like it or it doesn't give you much better performance, you may remove it anytime you'd like, locate your dictionary and click replace files.

VI) GTA San Andreas - Effects.fxp + Particle.txd
Sixth thing removes your clouds and dust, and gives your game better performance to work with.
Make backup's, download files: HERE
The are both located in your models folder, if you make backups you can replace back anytime you'd like.

VII) Stream memory fix
Seventh file is called stream memory fix, some times your game object's don't load, and that might cause lag and your fps to get low, download this.
Download File: HERE
When too many high-res textures are added to the game they disappear because there is not enough memory to load them.
This ASI plugin solves this problem.
Requires ASI loader which is already installed after installing CLEO Library.

VIII) GTA San Andreas - Timecyc
The eight thing changes your weather and makes your game performance better.
It's called timecyc, download it: HERE
Installation is very simple, place the "timecyc.dat" file in your *GTA SA Folder*/data don't forget to make a back-up.

IX) Best performance
There's simple things you could do too to increase your fps, one is going to your start menu, right-clicking on your computer, click properties. If your on windows 7 or any newer type click advanced system settings then advanced tab or if your on windows xp and lower just go ahead and click advanced tab then under performance click settings, then check off Adjust for best performance and apply that. And to make your game better, go to your game, alt+tab, then ctrl+alt+del to open up task manager, go to processes, right click on gta_sa.exe and set priority to real time (if that makes your game slow, laggy, or gives you any packet-loss set it back or close your game and open it again). And right click gta_sa.exe again in processes, and click set affinity, then click all cores.

X) GTA San Andreas - Settings
You also need to change your game resolution onto 640x480x16 or 1280x720x16.

XI) GTA San Andreas - Sounds remover
This Tool removes sound from you're game, regular and multiplayer, so make back up.
Link : HERE


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