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Rules - Stunt Battle DD

Stunt Battle Destruction Derby - Rules & Regulation

In-Game Rules:
Players are recommended to keep the the rules in mind and follow them accordingly. Following are the rules to be followed;
  • Must have the mature behavior. Insulting & provoking will not be tolerated, so kindly keep this in mind that do respect have respect. Any kind of participation in in bad behavior will result ban from the league.
  • Their should be no discussion about religion or any cast in the game. Racism will also not be tolerated so it is requested to all participants to be respectful to other fellows.
  • Any kind of misunderstanding or problem should be discussed to organizers. They will be present for you to solve your issues so don't try to make a mess during the event.
  • Event will start on its time, any player joining late will be on himself. Their should be no issue for timing of the event as already told that every 3 hour event will be played.
Event Rules:
  • Hacking, Cheating & Modes are now allowed.
  • Fps maximum limit is 60 and minimum is 35.
  • Ping limit is 200.
  • Each round time is 20 minutes.
  • Each player to perform his stunt within 25 seconds and opponent will be given 45 second time to perform that stunt.
  • Their will be no try option from organizers. 
  • Player performing can give opponent another try to perform his stunt.
  • Players will be allowed to choose 5 maps only.
  • In case of timeout we will wait 5 minutes for the player and if he fails to join us back, opponent will be declared as winner.
  • Each player can only take 3 times part in daily event.
League Rules:
Everyone is requested to follow the certain rules during the time period of league.
  • The stats will be recorded only for the league registered players. Guests can be part of league but their stats wont be counted.
  • No one is allowed to post any irrelevant stuff on the forum league section, any issue regarding league should be discussed to organizers. You can post your problem in League Discussion section.
  • League will lasts for 3 weeks that is 21 consecutive days. The result will be drawn on the last day of the league. 
  • The most important rule is that no one is allowed to cry about getting any award from the event as this league is being organized totally free for every MTA player. As we are not requesting anything from you except being part of us so you also should be just be entertain and enjoy the events being part of it.

For info about the mode click HERE

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