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About Mode - Jump Clash DD

KekZ Gaming League - Jump Clash Destruction Derby

Info about Mode:
In the history of Destruction Derby for the first time we are bringing you the more fun and more tactical gameplay with this mode. The modification in mode of DD with jumps is the innovative era to get entertain of gameplay more than actual DD mode. This mode root began between HTF and KekZ Clan fun discussion where main idea was from MaryO which we implemented. This mode got no modification with vehicles or with the maps just a new option available for the player that is to jump every five seconds. 

Mode Game-play:
Same with this mode we have no limitations for the players to be part of it. Where as we will have the three section of events in this mode. First will be the Free-for-all, where any player can take part at any time during the event. Second will be the Team-death-match in which players on the server will set to the random team by generator. Third will be PvP system where a player can send a open challenge for this mode and any one can accept that challenge under the vision of organizers. 

Mode Maps Info:
On the server 20 maps will be available to play but for each event time only 10 maps will be selected from the referee on his own choice.
  • Cross 28
  • Cross 70
  • Cross MEY
  • Cross Q
  • Cross s15
  • Cross Gold 9
  • Cross XL
  • Cross Y
  • Dynamium
  • Cross ZL
  • Cross LY
  • Cross ZY
  • Russkaya Vodka
  • GTA-PRO Crooked
  • Rikki 2
  • Mountain Derby
  • Wankenstein DD
  • Destruction Water
  • Wankenstein ZM
  • Zaya Training
The default map time for each round will be 20 minutes.

Stats Info:
As every mode got their own point counting system so for Head-to-head DD we have managed the stats such a way that each player statistics will be recorded as following. 
  • Winner - Player who wins the map will be awarded 2 points.
  • Kills - Player with 10 kills will be awarded 2 points.
  • Assists - Player with 20 assists will be awarded 2 points.
  • KDR - Player's kill death ratio will be recorded and each event player with highest KDR will be awarded 2 points.
  • PvPs - For PvP every player will be awarded 2 points on win.
The stats will be saved only for the registered players only and will be displayed on the tables of the league. On server every player records will be saved and updated.

Jump Clash DD Table: Click HERE

 INFO: You can read mode rules in the other thread. For any information you can contact the organizers on the given contacts in organizing staff.

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