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About Mode - Head-to-head DD

KekZ Gaming League - Head-to-head Destruction Derby

Info about Mode:
First time in the period of Destruction Derby the race league is going to happen. Our one beloved player iPwneR who designed these maps for us long time ago isn't playing MTA anymore, where we are here to implement his maps to our league to give our community some fun. At the moment we are with 13 maps which will be on server, but according to public votes only 10 maps will be played each event period. Their will be no further modification in this mode, every one will have the same vehicles which are selected for the maps. Just in-Game settings are different, such as re-spawn time and map time are changed.

Mode Game-play:
The gameplay for this mode is settled as their will be no limit for players to take part in each round. Server will be optimized to maximum performance to handle it. Players are recommended to join the server before 5 minutes of even starting. Their will be vehicle fade system enabled on server so none gets confuse about vehicle mess. Each round we will collect stats for first three map finishers as 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Event will be running for the whole day with 3 hours gap time in it. So any player from any region can take part on time which the are available to play. PvP system will be enabled in this mode and player should challenge the other player in our organizers presence. 

Mode Maps Info:
As we have talked about the maps on server, thirteen maps are available. But only 10 maps will be played each time for event according to referee's own selection of maps. Names of maps are;
  • Cross 28
  • Cross MEY
  • Cross s15
  • Cross XL
  • Cross Y
  • Cross ZL
  • Cross ZY
  • Farm DD
  • GTA-PRO Crooked
  • Mountain Derby
  • Wankenstein DD
  • Wankenstein ZM
  • Zaya Training
The default map time for each round will be 20 minutes. But map will be changed after we will get three first finishers.The re-spawn time for each player will be set to 3 seconds. 

Stats Info:
As every mode got their own point counting system so for Head-to-head DD we have managed the stats such a way that each player statistics will be recorded as following. 
  • 1st Rank - Player who will finish the map as first rank will be awarded 3 points where creating the top-time in the server will give him extra 2 points.
  • 2nd Rank - Player on the finish line with second rank will be awarded 2 points.
  • 3rd Rank - Where as the third rank player will be award just 1 point.
  • Top Time - The player finishing the map by creating top time will be awarded 5 points. The very first round of this mode in event we wont count the top times cause it will be the first round of the event, but after that each top time creater will be awarded 2 additional points with its 3 points score by 1st rank.
Head-to-head DD Table: Click HERE

INFO: You can read mode rules in the other thread. For any information you can contact the organizers on the given contacts in organizing staff.

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